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The Funktooms are a premium collection of 420 Toomies ready for some funk

on the Solana Blockchain.

Every holder will get access to a FREE mint for every other art project I put together on ANY blockchain.
Every holder that holds a Funktooms for 30 Days will get access to for FREE.
More utility are coming (Alpha Calls, Meet-Ups, Merch & more)
Finally, all royalties from sales will go towards the FUNKTOOMSDAO.



Selling out the collection - DONE!


Building a STRONG & SOLID FUNK COMMUNITY - In Progress


Build the FUNKIEST DAO on the Solana Blockchain - In Progress


Launch a solid art for RUDE PANDAS a meme collection to raise funds for the FunktoomDAO - DONE!


Selling out the Rude Pandas Collection - In Progress


Find Leaders for the community - In Progress



The only PREMIUM brand I will create & forever be my main PFP focus.

They are slick funky, love a good laugh & especially LOVE to give back to the community & the world.

They can easily merge in any community & help find special individuals to be part of the Toomies community.


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Rude pandas are the ONLY meme collection that I will ever create. 
They were created in around 8 hours.

I believe they are cute, rude & funny.

As the Funktooms brand grows so will the Rudies.

They work together, in the same community.

Rude Pandas does NOT have a ROADMAP or UTILITY YET

but it could change so if the FUNKTOOMDAO decides to implement something that could help the brand.