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Daylight Muses is my very first NFT collection now available on OpenSea.

It is a series of my 29 favorite pieces taken over the course of the last 4 years.

To me, it represents women's beauty in moments in life. 

These women aren't models, they are muses, as soon as perceived throughout the day, inspiration to create comes in within your soul and creative blocks are a thing of the past.

Holding one of those 29 NFTs is said to bring you daily inspiration.


Daylight Muse #2 

Muse #2 Wolfe will always be there elegantly ready

to inspire you.

Wolfe is perfect for any artist in the fashion industry, her relaxed attitude & elegance might inspire you to design the next "Yeezy's" 


Daylight Muses #26

Muse #26 Demi lives by the sea & represents peace of mind.

Nothing is worse than hitting a creative block when you need to be creating. That's where Demi comes into play; in panic, open your wallet, look at your muse and go for a walk by the sea.

Let inspiration flow through you.



Daylight Muses #4

Muse #4 Hedge is the luscious beauty an alternative artist needs.

It can be scary in the darkness of a creative block.

Hedge won't let you down, her beauty & edgy side will inspire you with words to write the next "About a Girl" 


Get in the studio & let it out.


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